Ozerit computer glasses
Anti eye strain

You should not take your eyes for granted. If you spend most of your time in front of a computer screen, if you work in an office and are constantly exposed to blue light, you should use NAME computer glasses.

Ozerit glasses block the blue light that gets emitted from computer and mobile devices and help protect your eyes. The glasses reduce eye strain and headaches. They have a really stylish look that fits different styles.

Stylish frame

The glasses have a classic frame that shows distinct fashion charm. Most people avoid wearing glasses because they don’t like the way they look. With Ozerit glasses, you don’t have to compromise with protection and style.

Why to choose Ozerit

Protect your eyes

This glasses have an aviation- grade PC lenses that are stable, non- friable and stretch- proof. Combined with the latest technology, they absorb high- energy blue light and provide strong UV protection.

Relieve eye fatigue

The glasses provide protection and help you stay focused for longer. They relieve digital eye strain, dry eye, and other symptoms of overexposure to blue light. Too much blue light exposure can affect your sleeping habits, so it is important to protect your eyes.


The glasses are really comfortable to wear and they are great to wear all day long. They are really compact. There is a travel case included, so you can easily carry them around in your bag.

Other tips on protecting your eyesight :

Take often breaks. When you are working or reading, take a little break every 30 minutes. Don’t forget to drink enough water during the day and to stay well- hydrated because this is really important for strong body.

Price: €13.99


About product

  • Block blue light effectively
  • Protect your eyesight
  • Soft silicone nose pads included
  • Microfiber cleaning cloth and glasses case included
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